Why Hire A Writer?

Many small business owners are hesitant when it comes to hiring a professional copywriter for the first time.  They wonder: will it really pay off? 

“What if I spend all this money and the campaign is a bust?  Why should I hire a writer instead of just winging it?”

The answer is: because it actually saves you money.

Hiring a professional writer allows you and your employees to do what you do best — make the company profitable.

Online marketing has increased the amount of copy that companies need many-fold.  Web pages, email campaigns, auto-responders, whitepapers, case studies, e-newsletters, blog posts.  Not to mention all the print materials you need created.

If you ask your employees to handle all this writing, they won’t have time to do their actual jobs — the things that make your company money. 

In addition, writing effective marketing communications is a skill and an art.  Just throwing something together doesn’t generate stellar results in a marketing campaign. 

Which would you rather have:

  • a so-so campaign that generates mediocre results,
  • or a campaign written by a skilled professional, that generates millions of dollars of sales?

“But how can I afford to hire a writer?”

It is true that most professional writers charge a fixed fee for their services.  And if you aren’t familiar with what professionals charge, the first proposal you receive can give you a bit of “sticker shock.”

The first way to get past this is to recognize that with copywriting, you often get what you pay for.  A low-priced writer will usually do a second-rate job.  Your investment probably won’t pay off in the way you’d like.

So instead, look for a writer whose proposal demonstrates that they understand your business and the project, and then pay them what they are worth. 

When your response rates double, you’ll lose that sticker shock really fast.

The other easy way to reduce your financial risk when hiring writer is to ask if they’ll work on a pay-for-performance basis.  This means paying a royalty on letters mailed or emails sent, plus a percentage of the sales generated by the campaign.  In return, the writer will waive the up-front fee.

The benefit to you is lower risk and lower cost to launch your campaign.  If the campaign flops, you are out less money.

The benefit to the writer is that if the campaign does well, they will likely make significantly more than the up-front fee they waived.  And the longer the campaign runs, the more money they — and you — make.  Win-win!

Many things about bringing a new product to market or launching new marketing campaign may be stressful.  But the decision to hire a professional writer shouldn’t be.  History has shown that professionally-written communications pay for themselves many times over.

It just makes good business sense.

To submit your project for a proposal, simply email erin@goldlightmarketing.com.

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