About Erin

Erin_headshotAfter Erin graduated from college, he discovered very much to his surprise that he enjoys writing creatively.

Over the years, Erin experimented with writing novels… short stories… screenplays.  In 2011 he published a collection of spiritual short stories (entitled Allegory), which came to him through his personal meditation practice.

But when Erin discovered the art of copywriting, he was immediately hooked.

“I love the aspect of storytelling that it involves.  I get to share with my reader the story of why I believe in the product or service that I’m writing about. Copywriting is still very much creative writing, but with the added bonus that it brings people together with products and services they can use.”

Erin combines his love of copywriting, his 14+ years in software development at Microsoft, and 2000 hours of training as a yoga and meditation teacher to deliver a strong, compelling message with deep technical value.  Contact Erin today to discuss your marketing needs.

Erin lives in Redmond, WA with his lovely wife and daughter.  He is President of the Board for the Alive and Shine Foundation, and also serves on the faculty of the College of Purna Yoga in Bellevue, WA.